Monday, February 14, 2011

23 reasons

Today is the 23rd birthday of one of the most important person in my life; Zul. I could not even begin to describe how much he means to me. So i am gonna try to get across to you why he means so much to me and why i am so smitten with him :) So here goes the list of 23 reasons. In no particular order:

1- He is laid back. So he compliments my kelam kabut and easily excitable nature and makes me feel relaxed and comfortable around him.

2- He is someone I can count on. Although he is not a morning person, if its a big day for me or for him, he would be the one who gives me wake up calls and wish me luck and calms the jitters.

4- He cooks for me. ( More than i cook for him! :O )

5-And on occasions where i cook for him, he insists to do all the cleaning and washing up so i could 'go take a rest, you dah penat masak' Hello, i masak nasik goreng ngn telur dadar je maybe.

6- He involves me in his daily lives. Asks my opinion, take me to MtG places where nerds off happen; with that fat slob with greasy hair and lanky awkward boy with spectacles so thick his eyes seems incredibly small, staring at the cards with such intensity like the next one they are gonna play might just change the course of history.

7-And he is one of those nerds without the nerdy looks ;) So i could call him up and ask, Zul why is this and that? And i would get complete detailed answer as if i am listening to the audio version of LOL

8- Despite that, he could be a hopeless romantic at times.

9- He introduces me to his friends and more importantly to his family.

10- He calls when he says he would

11- he notices the small things. How I wear my scarf differently. Its a new perfume. Fancy schmancy new shoes.

12- He remembers! Yeah you wore that white shirt that day and I said hi to you. and the rest was history.

13- He cares! There was this one time in Prague where we were strolling the streets and we had to stop sebab suddenly i had a massive fit of cough and got sick, probably from the bad food i ate. He saw a stranger carrying a carrier bag with something tht says what seems to be like the word Pharmacy in Czech i guess and ran to him and actually stopped that guy in his tracks to ask where could he find a pharmacy so he could get smthg for my cough. turns out that man dint speak english and he used every crude sign language to get his question across. Hehe so comel that i ended up feeling better n not so sick anymore :D (woman flu je maybe)

14- He continuously wants to improve himself. In all aspects of life. Career, spiritual, financial and works hard for it.

15- He reads

16- He shares his reads with me

17- He takes amazing photos and is persistent at it.

18- He teaches me what he knows

19- And asks me things he doesnt know but knows that i would.

20- He tells me little stories about when he was a little boy. that isnt necessarily big or significant. but he tells me anyway and smile when he recollets his memory.

21- He laughs a lot. and it is contagious.

22- He apologizes and he forgives

23- He adores me as much as i adore him.

There! 23 reasons why he is awesome on his 23rd birthday. :D i could go on all night but i have to save some for next year pulak. :) Its quite long and im not used to long posts but if you are reading up to this point, you should try writing a list about your significant other oh their special day as well! It feels so nice to actually pen this down and it saves time as well you know. so next year i could write smthg like this:

24 reasons I love you on your 24th birthday:

1- You are hot

2- refer the rest to last years post (inserts link)

See! You guys should totally try this out. :D

To Zul, Happy birthday! Have a great day and I can't wait to see you soon!

xxxxx Laila


Y A Z I R A said...

totally agree with point number 7, boleh?? hehe. so sweet laila!!

Laila said...

hahah betul! he explains panjang lebar :D

and thanks yaz. yeah we should go jalan2 around UK. pg scotland nak?

Y A Z I R A said...


eja said...

so sweet!

Anonymous said...


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